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Carwash World provides the professional car wash industry with the most advanced and innovative equipment available to compete in an environment which demands leading edge and water efficient professional car washing equipment.

Carwash World offers our clients the latest technology in car wash equipment, and is backed with our exceptional after sales support and service.

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About Us

Carwash World is committed to sourcing and distributing premium quality car wash equipment for the professional car wash industry.

We supply only the best car wash equipment from the leading manufacturers, who are highly respected both here in Australia and the International market.

Carwash World is proud distributors of:

  • PDQ Inc. - Automatic Wash Systems
  • Con-Serv Water Reclaim Systems
  • Prowash Self Serve Systems

Our distributor network provides a wide range of products to ensure that we can meet your individual requirements. The vehicle wash business is one of the most successful investments on the market today.

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Automatic Wash Systems

PDQ Automatic Wash Systems provide the car wash industry with cutting-edge technological advances and are recognised as the world-leading manufacturer of touchfree car wash systems. Simplified machine design and lower energy and utility usages reduce operating costs leading to a more profitable operation.

Water Reclaim Systems

Con-Serv Water Reclaim Systems use a combination of innovative new concepts and proven technologies to provide the highest quality wash possible. The system provides reclaimed water that can be used in many more applications than a basic recycled pit, which in turns reduces your water usage.

Self Serve Systems

Prowash Australia is a pro-active Australian company focused on designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art self serve carwash equipment. The development of the iWash and iVac self serve carwash equipment ensure reliability, durability and delivery of a superior service to all carwash customers.